Canadian Operational Research Society(CORS)
Ottawa Section


  Ottawa Section: List of members (they accepted to have their name published)  

1. Lise Arseneau, Department of National Defence, Ottawa
2. Debbie Blakeney, DRDC - Centre for Operational Research and Analysis, Ottawa
3. Dragos Calitoiu, Bank of America, Ottawa
4. Cheryl Eisler, Department of National Defence, Ottawa
5. J.P.Létourneau, GENUK Consulting Inc., Petawawa, ON
6. Hasan Mytkolli, Bank of America, Ottawa
7. Scott Pittendrigh, Economist, Government of Canada, Ottawa
8. Ruben Shahbaghyan, Bank of America, Ottawa
9. Asaf Shupo, Bank of America, Ottawa
10. Yiqiang Q. Zhao, Professor, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Carleton University, Ottawa

             If your name is not here, please send us an e-mail.